With the wireless Solar powered light you never have to worry about your insurance or your electrical bill ever again

Let there be light! Save money, Be Safe and Increase the value of your property.

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Automated Lighting, Charging And Security Without Any Installation

It’s crazy that we let electric companies rob us on our electric bill every month just so that we can protect ourselves from thieves. Not to mention the installation costs and maintenance fees.

Especially now that solar panels have advanced dramatically the last couple of years as well as LED lights that only needs a tiny amount of power.

That’s why we built Nite Defender Pro, a motion sensor-activated powerful LED light. Powered 100% by its super efficient solar panel.

Meaning that there are NO additional costs!

Just place the Nite Defender Pro and point it to where you want it to shine and it will take care of the rest, for years to come!

5 powerful LEDs

Provides a strong and bright spotlight

Motion sensor

Activates the LED if any movement is registered

No Wiring

No risk of popping a fuze

No installation

Just place it, point it and that’s it

Increase The Value Of Your Property

Home decorators and real estate agents often invest in spotlights from the ground up and garden lights to create a luxurious look. Making a significant increase in value.

Nite Defender Pro allows you to do the very same with your house and property, without spending a fortune on electrical bills, while also boosting your security.

Don’t Spend Money On Power When The Sun Gives It For Free!

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Get 50% Off!

Sleep With The Temperature You Want

Scares Off Garden Pests

The LED lights can come on when garden pests enter your yard, which can scare them off and prevent pest damage.

Environmentally Friendly

No electricity needed. No greenhouse gases produced. This light runs entirely on power derived from sunlight.

See Who’s Approaching

Even if it’s not a thief, It’s nice to know about an unexpected visitor. The light is an early indicator for when someone is dropping by.

Tundra Breeze Portable Ac Uses Patented, Environmentally Friendly Cooling Technology


Mount it on a tree outside your building to illuminate dark alleys. You will provide security for anyone walking on the street.


As soon as someone steps on your property you and your neighbors will see them. As Well as you won't have to stumble in the dark as you walk to your house.


Light up your garden and trees so you can enjoy it even during the night. Make your front or back yard turn into a beautiful scenery as the Nite Defender Pro detects the night and day cycle.


Forget about ever being scared during the night again. Now you can leave it up to the Nite Defender Pro to shine a light on anything happening on your property. Over 150,000 units sold in 2021 and the discount has just started!


    Most of our orders arrive within 3 working days of your order! And setting it up takes only a minute!


    Don’t like your Nite Defender Pro? Simply send it back and contact us and we’ll give you a full refund - no questions asked!


    We source only the highest quality technology from manufacturers all over the world and take pride in being an American company!

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Don’t take our word for it. Since launch we’ve received over 10,000 five star reviews from people that like to stay cool all over the world. We love our customers and their feedback means the world to us. We take pride in every corner we illuminate!

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